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Prof Dolan, who helped the Office for National Statistics come up with new measures for happiness and wellbeing, also claimed that a problem shared was not always a problem halved. He argued that it was harmful to make people relive traumatic events through therapy, claiming that humans are actually very good at being able to get over tragedy and loss.

Most of the things life throws at us we get over. Prof Dolan also admitted for the first time that he had a stammer which had made his early life miserable. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Wednesday 19 December They actually lock in the emotions of the past. He claimed it only got better when he learned not to pay attention to his speech problem.

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More from The Telegraph. Why did she agree for this? It was a little childish and laughable for Zoe to blame Jack - her argumentation was that he KNEW she doesn't want get married, so why did he ask her? Why did you say yes? It was also Zoe who created this hell on earth after the wedding, to be honest, she was picking at the smallest things, she was always unhappy and she was a hypocrite, as she herself was allowed to meet with her friends, yet when Jack wanted to meet with his mates she was questioning this.

And guys, if you think that you've seen a tantrum, then probably you haven't seen Zoe in action yet. I also didn't completely get her obsession with not taking Jack's surname - sure, she was not obliged to do this but to flip her lid when other people assumed she changed her name? Altogether, I just couldn't understand what is so tragic and dramatic after you get married? What changed, day by day? So yes, Zoe was selfish and unfair and truly, she behaved as if she didn't have any regard for Jack's feelings. Jack, on the other hand, came across a little like a doormat, to be honest.

He was a great guy, and he loved Zoe, and I think he really didn't understand what's happened to his Zoe, because - as the story jumps between present and past and shows us how Zoe and Jack got to know each other and fell in love with each other, showing us a totally different picture of Zoe - she wasn't like this before! However, it was always Jack who was doing the first step, making the effort but he was also stubborn and instead of telling his wife that this dinner was meant for her, he'd rather bin it.

And you know what is funny? Despite all my problems with Zoe I still have found this book highly entertaining. OK, it wasn't completely this what I was so hoping for, this war of roses took place in maybe two scenes, and I so, so waited for accidents happening, for Zoe and Jack having heads full of ideas how to make each other's life more complicated and difficult - in a funny way!

However, I wanted this book to be a light - hearted, entertaining read and I think that if you don't take Zoe too seriously, that if you read it with a pinch of salt and turn a blind eye on Zoe's tantrums, you can fully enjoy this story - at least this is how I read this book and how I felt about it. It didn't annoy me as much as it seem to have annoyed so many other reviewers. The idea of this story was brilliant but as I've already mentioned it before, I think that it lacked in development and I really couldn't understand why everything went downhill - it was just so ridiculous.

It is actually about a thing that shouldn't have happened, at all. However, there were many more elements that made this book a fun read for me. I liked the absolute support Zoe had from her family, and how much patience they had dealing with her and her problems. So really, if you are in a need for a light - hearted, not too complex story about newlyweds making problems from everything and picking at anything and getting offended in the best childish way and I don't mean it in a bad way! I enjoyed it, and liked the writing style, the sharp dialogues and that it was a quick - paced read.

It just drew me into Zoe and Jack's world and I wanted to see what's going to happen. Altogether - yes, I was a little disappointed with the lack of the promised "accidents happening" though tempers were flaring, especially those of Zoe , but still I really liked this book. Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for a review. Zoe never wanted to get married. She wants to be together with her partner, but just doesn't like the idea of marriage.

Then Jack proposed, and Zoe had wanted to talk to him about it, but one inevitable thing led to another and she ju 3. Then Jack proposed, and Zoe had wanted to talk to him about it, but one inevitable thing led to another and she just went along with it in the end. Obviously, their relationship started crumbling ever since. Some people might feel that the after-marriage scenes were too excessive and over-exaggerated, but I thought they painted a realistic picture of what actually happens in a household.

Small things get blown up tenfold and before you know it, the fight has escalated until you don't even know what you're fighting about. I find myself being able to relate to Zoe, because I myself don't think I want to get married. In the book, Zoe stresses that we don't have to define our relationship with a paper, and I agree.

Who cares if I'm not married? Other than society and all my aunts and uncles, of course. As long as I'm happy with my life, with or without a partner, who bloody cares? However, I found Zoe annoying and immature. It seemed that Jack was the mature one and was the only one trying to make the marriage work. Zoe was just whining and picking fights every 5 minutes like a little bitch. Who the fuck leaves teabags in the sink?!

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God, I hate it when people in my house do that! Also, I gotta admit that there were a few scenes that were to draggy to me. Especially the part where it was just scenes of them doing stuff- wait, how do I explain this? Okay, you know in movies where there are montages of people doing stuff, with music over those montages instead of the original audio? Like- okay you know what. I suck at describing stuff.

Zoe - Sunshine On A Rainy Day (Original 1990 Version)

Just- it was draggy, that's all. Let's leave it at that. Overall, I like that this book tells us that it's okay to do things at our own pace, and not just conform to the norm. If you're not ready, it's fine, take your time. If you want to live with your partner for the rest of your life without getting hitched, then fuck it, just do it! I'm a sucker for cute romantic scenes, and the whole airport chase? Aug 30, Susanne Strong rated it it was ok Shelves: Have you ever had a moment in your life where you knew you were making the wrong decision? I know I have. And so has Zoe, one of the two main characters in Sunshine on a Rainy Day.

And for Zoe, this is a big one, she agreed to mar Have you ever had a moment in your life where you knew you were making the wrong decision? And for Zoe, this is a big one, she agreed to marry her boyfriend Jack of 7 years, even though she has never ever wanted to get married. And even though she loves him very much. She knows it with every fiber of her being. As the wedding approaches, she gets even more uncomfortable. And every day after the marriage, she is even more miserable, and because of it, things go awry. And so the only solution for both of them - immediately after getting married?

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Why getting divorced of course! If only it were that easy.

The author of Sunshine on a Rainy Day, Bryony Fraser switches timelines throughout the book, with Zoe narrating, starting with the wedding day and then going back to seven years prior. Sunshine on a Rainy Day is chick lit which I will admit, is not a genre I typically read and is a fluffy, easy read. If you are looking for a book you can pick up and put down again, and get through quickly without feeling like the world is going to end, this one is for you.

Oct 24, Hannah Symonds rated it it was ok. I was given an advanced copy of this book but I waited till recently to read it as I wanted to take a funny book on holiday with me. I really didn't enjoy this one, I read till halfway and gave up. I found Zoe quite irritating and very immature. I was hoping something would happen but unfortunately it did not.

Even though I hate giving up on a book I just knew that would have to be the case in this book. This is my opinion of the book but other people may love it. Aug 27, Carol Scheherazade rated it it was ok. Again, who edits these books? Good story but needed editing. That was annoying enough, the fact that the main character was also called Zoe just hurt my soul a little bit. Clearly the author intended to give me this annoying and persistent ear worm, why would you do that to me?! My mother has never been married either, the idea that her parents made her feel she couldn't be and the utterly out of date views of marriage in this book were just ridiculous.

Zoe was awful, selfish, stupid, utterly flawed in every single way. She literally had everything that so many people dream of, and threw it away because of a fucking tea bag?! Its just not real life. Her utterly absurd rhetoric about how terrible her marriage is was laughable. If I was a woman who'd been cheated on, or worse, and was reading this crap I'd be furious.

The whole story line with Kat was equally ridiculous, she accidentally ends up working for the evil secret ex of her big sister, and ultimately plots his downfall but cant tell anyone about it, even though they see him for about 10 seconds in the whole book, and that was just to check she was ok.

So if she'd told them the plan, their paths would never have crossed with his anyway?! Just tell them you're ok, you're just as selfish as your big sister. The parents are the only redeeming quality in the whole book, so why have they raised ridiculous, idiotic, spoiled brat children. This is billed as a fun book. Its billed as hilarious.

Its bloody well not. Its billed as a story about divorce. Its really not, more a hate speech about marriage than anything else. The whole thing was bad. This book could have had a lot going for it, but unfortunately the main character Zoe was very poorly written and simply came across as being very immature and selfish.

Not to mention thoroughly annoying. I actually had no idea why her new husband Jack was with her - he could do a lot better. Indeed this is one of the mysteries of this shaky romance - Zoe is surrounded by an absolute bevy of totally charming friends and family who are very generous, kind and patient with her rank stupidity and d This book could have had a lot going for it, but unfortunately the main character Zoe was very poorly written and simply came across as being very immature and selfish. Indeed this is one of the mysteries of this shaky romance - Zoe is surrounded by an absolute bevy of totally charming friends and family who are very generous, kind and patient with her rank stupidity and downright cruelty.

I would much rather the main character could have been someone - anyone! That said, the premise of a newly wedded couple opting for divorce is an interesting one, but poorly executed here. I was so close to giving up on this book, it was actually a chore to read! Jul 18, Sophie rated it liked it. I really enjoyed reading 'Sunshine on a Rainy Day'. This book really shows the true aspects of marriage and addresses the fact that life doesn't always go as planned. The chapters in the book alternated between the past and the present which I found helpful in understanding the relationship between Zoe and Jack however I do believe some of the chapters were not necessary.

However, it was still a good read despite the unnecessary chapters and the predictable ending. Mar 26, Janet Camilleri rated it it was ok. Zoe made me so impatient - I thought she was a bit of an idiot and really couldn't relate to her as a character.

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I nearly put the book down for good after about pages but persevered. Of course by the end of the book you realise WHY she is the way she is but still Jun 04, Beth Cooksey rated it did not like it. This book is not hilarious nor is it heartbreaking. Aug 29, Tarquilla rated it liked it. May 07, Elizabeth Dewfall rated it liked it. Struggled a bit with the story jumping years couldn't sit and read more than a couple of chapters at a time. This has been my waiting room book. Good for that purpose because it never bothered me to stop reading when I had to. Nov 09, Jenny Oliver rated it really liked it.

Witty and feel good with realistic if flawed characters. Enjoyed being in this world. All reviews can be found on my blog at https: Hats off to the team at Avon Books. What is even more fab about the cover is the fact the lettering on the paperback has a 3D texture links to buy will follow! Thank you to Avon for offering me the ARC in return for my unbiased and professional opinion! Huge congratulations to Bryony Fraser on the publication of this gorgeous book! TWG wishes you every success!

Zoe and Jack recently got married, they should still be in the honeymoon period, right? I read the first line of the blurb, then stopped. One of the beauties of this book is that not only do you get to read the story of their relationship now, you also get to read about how they got together. Both the past and present stories flowed brilliantly and I think that one without the other just would not have worked as well as it did.

When I was growing up, marriage seemed to be the next step before children and there always seemed to be such emphasis on couples getting married. However, Bryony Fraser has put marriage on the naughty step, stuck two fingers up at it, and gotten on with her day. And you know what?! I LOVE her for that!! I did find myself siding with Zoe though, even though the antics between them both were childishly hilarious, we need girlpower!!

Bryony Fraser has written such a refreshingly hilarious read; that has the power to pull at your heartstrings, all in one go. Writing this book, Bryony brought sunshine to my soul and melted my ice queen interior slightly , in the process. Fabulous and fun, fantastic read. Feb 21, Nana Adomah rated it liked it Shelves: I enjoyed a lot of it but just couldn't warm up to Zoe. I initially picked up this book because I was excited to see a pair of brown legs on the cover and it's so rare to actually have a brown protagonist in this type of "chick lit.

However, Zoe's actions were truly nonsensical to me a lot of the time and while I could understand why she felt the way she did, nobody forced her to agree to marry Jack and it f I enjoyed a lot of it but just couldn't warm up to Zoe. However, Zoe's actions were truly nonsensical to me a lot of the time and while I could understand why she felt the way she did, nobody forced her to agree to marry Jack and it felt like she was punishing him for something he wasn't aware he'd done.

The blurb says "perfect for fans of Mhairi McFarlane" and some may find that true but I've found Mhairi's heroines to be far more likable. All in all, this is still worth a read but don't expect anything life-changing. Nov 28, Laura rated it really liked it. I know the saying goes that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, but just how pretty is this one?! I love the simplicity of it wit the white background and the different coloured raindrops. Sunshine on a Rainy Day is Zoe and Jack's story.

Sunshine on a Rainy Day: A funny, feel-good romantic comedy by Bryony Fraser

They have just got married, but are now discovering that marriage really isn't for them. Pretty bad timing and they can't get divorced for a year, meaning that they are going Originally posted on: Pretty bad timing and they can't get divorced for a year, meaning that they are going to have to live with each other until then, as neither are willing to move out of their flat. With tempers rising, Zoe's three sister's interfering and Jack's best friend trying to get them back together, misunderstandings become more frequent, it's a wonder how they are going to survive the year!

But is all well and truly lost? Even though this story has sad undertones, Bryony has still managed to keep this quite lighthearted and on occasion I did I find myself laughing out loud. Also despite not particularly liking the way that Zoe treated Jack sometimes and the whole horrible mess she had got them in, I could not help but like her. OK granted I liked her more as the story went on, as initially she didn't give a great impression, but I certainly didn't dislike her. These little flashbacks were great and you get to see how Jack and Zoe got together.

I actually quite liked how this story gets you looking at your own relationships and how you shouldn't take things for granted, but also need to think about what you really want. I also loved how Bryony has basically managed to say that despite the underlying pressures of society, you do not have to get married to have your happily ever after!

Surrounding the main aspect of this story, it was filled with great supporting characters and their own side stories, like Zoe's friend Liz, her three sisters and Jack's Mum and Dad. I think it was these stories that made the story more enjoyable and actually added to it I think. I like to get to know as much about each character as I can, so this was a real plus for me. A bit anti-rom com, but still lighthearted and enjoyable. Zoe wants a divorce. However, marriage laws state that a divorce cannot be granted before one year of marriage, so Jack and Zoe must spend the whole year still married, still living in their flat because neither can afford to move out, still at each other -- Originally posted on thestorycollectorblog.

So why did she agree to marry Jack? Aside from that, the story is pretty good.