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My Bass and Other Animals. I Know This Much: From Soho to Spandau. Set the Boy Free. Making the Cat Laugh. Three for a Letter. A Series of Unrelated Events. A Portrait of an Idiot as a Young Man. The World According To Noddy. When Ziggy Played Guitar. If I Was a Child Again. One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Egg. As Years Go By. The Boy with the Perpetual Nervousness. Around the World with One Direction. How to write a great review. An interesting sub-plot is formed around a television talent show called Fab Lab, a kind of mock Idol for the disabled, where winners get voted for by other members and the studio audience.

Waiting for Kate Bush is funny, and an easy fast-paced read. The characters are full of interesting Dickensian qualities, quirky parallels, and twists which tease out the theme—that nothing is quite what it seems. Fame is a fleeting and strange quality, which others seek to feed off, and this is perhaps the thing that ties Herskovit's story to Bush's. Although there is much of Kate Bush in this novel, it isn't really a biography. Kate is ancilliary — a missing character that the other's use to offset their own neuroses.

Her music surrounds the book, and is hummed, sung, quoted, and analysed. Her life is chronicled, timelined, and surmised.

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But she never appears, and the only thing we learn about her, is what we gleam from interviews, or other people's projections: In my darketst hours, in my moment of peak despair, it gives me a reason to live. A world in which music of such beauty exists can't be intolerable.

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That's how I look at it. The centre of the book contains attractive photographs of La Bush, moving from grammar school years to her most recent public appearance in Characters like Cyril, Nicola's father, a tiny hired thug who enjoys being brow-beaten by his huge wife, or Mr Chumaraswamy, Mrs Cavenaugh's other lover, a self-proclaimed anti-bullying vigilante.

But no one is exactly as they seem. Bully and bullied are often consentual. Self-image isn't the same as other's perception.

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Mendelssohn cleverly discredits his narrator early on, and although this is a first person narrative, we can't take the narrator's account as reliable. This creates an interesting tension which leaves the reader wondering about the real relationship between Herskovits and his daughter, or about his relationships with other characters in his life; his wife or his schoolyard experiences: From the age of 15 until the time the girl who'd become my first girlfriend agreed to go out with me, I was myself a sidekick.

Daring to imagine that one of their admirers might notice me, I insinuated myself into the entourages of a succession of good0looking, athletic, confident classmates — hating both mysel ffor having done so and them for having things I hadn't, and perhaps never would have. But I didn't come to be perceived as attractive by association.

I'm Still Waiting

That is a shame though, as there is a reasonably story here, and the way in which the plot twists and the worms turn is probably enough to make this into a decent quality fiction. So this isn't literary fiction, and can't really be taken too seriously, especially with its ridiculous deus ex machina ending.

Waiting for Kate Bush isn't meant to be a serious read. It is, instead, a light, fun, easy piece of summer reading by a writer who is very capable and experienced at writing about popular music. Kate Bush fans will snap this up. The rest of us even those who like Tori Amos as much as Kate Bush will enjoy it for what it is, and find themselves listening to the Bush back collection with renewed vigour. Too bad Herskovits couldn't wait just a little longer. Jan 04, Gary Cook added it. Nov 26, David rated it did not like it Shelves: Hope may be a little high looking at the ratings others have given it, but being an unabashed Kate Bush fan I could not at least try reading it.

But 3 weeks later Im finding it hard to pick up and continue. Will keep trying And 2 months later I have given up. When your more inclined to browse the back of a cornflakes box the interest has gone. Maybe the story gets better and onto what I thought would be the main subject. One day, maybe, I will find out. Stephen rated it really liked it Dec 02, Nikki rated it liked it Apr 06, Dahenni rated it did not like it Jul 07, Ben Lovegrove rated it did not like it Mar 12, Rob rated it it was ok Sep 19, Fabian rated it really liked it Mar 02, Ryan Collins rated it really liked it Feb 04, Snoogans rated it did not like it Jul 11, Andy rated it it was ok Feb 14,