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Do you need sound, Biblically-based advice on an issue in your marriage or family? Submit your question to TheRelationshipDoctor gmail. What else do you expect from me? I could sense her bristle as his words fell short of a sincere apology for his angry outburst a few moments earlier.

Turning to me, he continued his questioning. What am I missing here? But, you continue to blow up. Your anger is killing me. You keep saying you can manage this problem on your own, but nothing changes.

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Peter became more defensive and irritated the more requests Janice made. If there was any chance of him taking action on his anger problem, it seemed to disappear by the minute. First, a sincere apology includes a statement of Remorse. Second, a sincere apology includes a statement of Responsibility. This means we accept and understand the impact our behavior has on the injured party. He needed to take responsibility for the fact that his anger created an atmosphere of fear and uncertainty.

Finally, a sincere apology includes Restitution. To some extent this means we listen to what they need from us.

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Even worse, I hate to apologize. I recently asked a group of Christians how many believe an apology is the mark of a good Christian and a good leader. They were in almost unanimous agreement that it is. To apologize is not a sign of weakness, bad character or bad leadership.

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But how should we apologize? You can probably think of examples of poorly done apologies. Many apologies never come until someone is caught red-handed. King David learned that covering up causes internal angst and emotional exhaustion. For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was sapped as in the heat of summer.

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When we admit a wrong, we often try to ease our pain by deflecting responsibility. I once hiked up a mountain to a cross and the trail crossed some private property. I recorded this video close by. He soon threatened to get his gun out the next time someone trespassed!

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Respect diminishes when we blame-shift, trying to justify or excuse our mistakes and bad behavior. Giving and receiving an apology is key to fulfilling the goal of peace and mutual upbuilding. There are times when your apology might be met with bitterness, distrust or disdain. If someone hurts us, apologizes and then turns right around and does the same thing again, we know their apology was fake.

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For example, if a spouse has been unfaithful, they need to plan steps to insure the behavior will not occur again. After the four steps above, we have established a basis on which to request the favor of an expression of forgiveness.

My apology as a former Christian

Instead, we read this touching description: Bowing seven times, in that culture and circumstance, was a wonderful way to apologize.