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Dragons and Stuff

Mark all un- played. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio streamed directly from their servers. Squire Quigley returns in an all-new, live episode!

Dragons and Stuff: Episode 4 - Legends of the Sunken Temple - Part 3

Tune in and stride boldly forth with special guests Satine Phoenix and Amy Vorpahl! The party learns more about the prophecy that binds their fate. Krag and Alex find themselves on the brink of a horrible death, but the cost for a cure is steep. Quigley finds a purpose, but will have to leave his friends behind if he seeks to follow it. The party rescues Dwindle and an alchemist ally, Vander, from the orc stronghold in the marshes. They have no time to rest, as a mad orc shaman is on the march to claim the animus of Woe for himself.

The party searches for and old friend, but they find trouble instead. They meet a friendly Grippli ranger, who tells them that Dwindle is in trouble. The party gets a very nice letter from a very nice person who is definitely their friend.

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They also get some advice on where they must go to find the Animus of Woe and bring the prophecy to an end. Along the way they come across a farmer with a goblin problem. Special guest Satine Phoenix arrives to purge Trapsborough of a great evil.

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The party will be conscripted to seek an ancient, demonic tome, but are they prepared to face its powerful guardians? And will Markus be prepared for news that will change him forever? Quigley sets dangerous plan in motion to defeat the Sixxers, the Red Masked Mercenaries, and the giant mud monster all in one fell swoop. Leera is called away by Father Langdon, and the party is joined by a mysterious newcomer from Anderley with a deadly grudge against the Sixxers.

The battle will be fierce, but one thing is certain. But, once they have him, will they give him up to the Sixxers, knowing it will seal his fate? Most skits can be from a trampoline dunk show by himself or with the Orlando Magic Flight Crew , a pump-up session with giant signs, break-dancing in the middle of the court or dancing to a song compilation, and more. A special song made for the mascot plays during his entrances, and is only able to be heard at the Magic games. He also makes grand entrances during special events like the playoffs or opening night where he comes down from the rafters on a zip line or bungee.

He gained nationwide popularity when he was featured on "The Tonight Show", hosted by Jimmy Fallon, during a dance off with their mascot, Hashtag the panda, during a week-long special in Orlando. Stuff is also the host of the annual "Celebrity Mascot Games" that takes place each year at the Amway Center.

Each year, many mascots from North America come to Orlando and compete in Olympic-style games while being in different colored teams. The Mascot Games were made for the non-profit organization, "New Hope For Kids", to raise money and attention for them. The games started in at the old Amway Arena and have continued annually ever since. However, Stuff did not appear at the Mascot Games in because of the recent performer being fired and the Celebrity Mascot Games took a hiatus in due to lack of a new partnership for the company.

Besides putting on crowd-pleasing performances for Orlando fans, Stuff also loves to throw parties and attend gatherings involving other mascots. During his career, he has been seen with many other sports mascots at numerous mascot-oriented events.

Stuff the Magic Dragon

Each year, about mascots locally and across the country come to Orlando and do opportunities for pictures and meet and greets pre-game and during the game. Stuff and his mascot guests also do special skits, which normally include a mascot dunk show, a halftime skit, and a short number from the mascots' air counterparts.

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During the first round of the Orlando Magic playoffs against the Charlotte Bobcats in , Stuff jumped down from a bungee during the starting lineup with a surprise. His green fur changed to a light shade of blue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Dragons and Stuff

Ahead of the Game: The Pat Williams Story. Blue Stuff mascot stirs Orlando Magic fans". Archived from the original on Retrieved December 12,