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Welcome to contact us. Established in , EKOYER activities are focused on networking and supporting individuals, families and communities trying to showcase a sustainable and self-sufficient living styles without negative impacts on the environment; and empowering young and adult people willing to volunteer, work and give trainings in ecovillages engaged in organic agriculture, permaculture design and eco-tourism.

Es una aldea rodeada de casas y huertas diseminadas en un valle orientado hacia el sur en la Sierra de Aracena Huelva. Nuestra Flor PermaCultural es: Las comunidades aportan a los gastos necesarios de viaje, comida y alojamiento. Un lugar en el que convivimos unas diez personas; nueve adultos y un peque, junto con los adorables perritos y otros animales. A vision comes true The need to live life with Freedom and Love, away from big noisy cities. Discussion after discussion, year after year, the vision began to anchor, in the heart and from there in the mind.

To build an inspirational Educational Eco Village in Ireland on the principals of sustainable living. To lead, demonstrate and spread environmental innovation. To promote community development for social change. To develop a practical renewal of traditional culture and heritage for the times we live in and for the times to comeEnriched Earth Ecovillage is an exciting project aspiring to create a pioneering and educational Ecovillage in Ireland.

Eotopia is an experimental space where we experiment a way of life that's the most natural possible. We are open for visitors, looking for new members as well. We have a set of strong values such as veganism, gift economy, permaculture and unschooling. We have been on site since june and we have 7 full time residents so far.

The place is 3 hectares with a house and some barns. Contacto con personas de tendencia esenia en Madrid. Being developed by an American with 21 years experience in Romania and a life time of experience in American communities. FalconBlanco since Intentional - spiritual - international Community - Ecovillage, is also a charity and non profit organization.

The center FalconBlanco, Ibiza, Spain serves not only as a retreat, health and seminar center but also gives the possibility to volunteers from all over the world to work together in a practical way for our charity goals. Our main intention is to provide information for all who need it and are asking for it.

This garden is part of the world wide project sevengardens. The garden is located adjacent to the village of Cervera del Maestre in the province of Castellon. Complejo Rural Finca La Cubatilla is a collection of homes and buildings located on a farm of 7. The eco-village at Findhorn is a tangible demonstration of the links between the spiritual, social and economic aspects of life and is a synthesis of the very best of current thinking on human habitats. It is a constantly evolving model providing solutions to human and social needs while at the same time working in partnership with the environment to offer an enhanced quality of life for all.

Folleterre is a sanctuary from the materialism and consumerism of much of gay life: In the South of Freiburg, on the former area of a French army barrack site, the new Vauban Residential Area 42 ha is home to approxiamtely 5, inhabitants. The planning started in and in , after three development sections, the district was completed.

Vauban is a community that strives to meet ecological, social, economical and cultural sustainability. Gaia-VillageA group of friends that met in India decide to create their own village in Europe. And me, Lima I am eco-project manager with eco-construction as a speciality.

Ecovillage Projects

So here we are, the small presentation of the team. Our ten acres of land are home to a large rocky main building, several log homes, gardens and fields for cultivation, as well as plenty of pastures for our animals. Located at the end of the land and next to the beach, is a campfire site and a sauna. The community is currently home to 15 people, including children. Garp is an eco-village a small hideway on the coast of turkey 2klm away from babakale village and klm from Istanbul with a meter private beach access only by boat or atv and by donkey we have one houseboat and three yuruk tents and currently building a house with guest rooms and a common area hang out place.

We have a seminar house, an organic vegetable farm with huge greenhouses, a small Health Food store, a woodworking shop as well as homeopathy practice We live in a commune, meaning that we share our salaries. We have a completely collectivized internal economy, with no private ownership of buildings, of the means of production or of motor vehicles.

We want to create future-proof ways of living, in which people can discover and unfold their potential. Ways of living where we treat our fellow people and nature with respect and love. To realise this vision, we have bought a former clinic outside Kempten, comprising 8 buildings and 15 hectares of land. We are a group of people with a common vision to develop a model for a new society.

With that in mind, we want to build a community. Together we will explore how to live sustainably on an economic, ecological and social level. We want to consciously engage in life while developing our full human potential in connection with nature. Our project is at the beginning and we are looking for open and determined people to build this community with us.

We are an ecovillage called Giardino della Gioia, that would like to become a comunity. There is already enough structure to host 10 people, we have 3 yurts, 1 straw house, 1 caravan, 1 tipi, a draft of tree house, 4 compost toilets, a kitchen, a meditation circus and a bathroom with sauna, but right now we are just two! All is built with natural material and with the principles of permaculture.

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Gorsko Kosovo is located in the center of Bulgaria, not far from Veliko Tarnovo. The estate consists of 4 beautifully renovated houses in traditional Bulgarian style. There is a vegetable garden and apple trees. House pets and 4 horses live here. The community is vegetarian and smoking and drinking are not allowed. Ankara Gunes Village has been established as a cooperative by 9 members on September Several of the members of our organization are either from Middle East Technical university, or graduates of the university.

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  6. The aim of our coopearative is to develop and apply a healthy, natural and ecological lifestyle. The foundation was registered in , and has no affiliation to any of the political parties or business enterprises except those established by the eco-villagers. Per told me that theres a big interest in Sweden for a touristroad.

    Gardens, houses and infrastructure will be re-planned after permaculture principles. The projects will take part in the transition-towns movement. A small scale farm close to the sea on the Swedish west coast. Aiming for self sufficiency by permaculture farming. Hens, bees, sheep, ducks, dog, cat. Its not aiming for a village, more of a main house and small one-room satellite houses around it.

    Small off the grid, low impact, low standard houses, tiny houses. Summertime there is a lot of visitors doing adventure activities and some yoga. We are a small vegan family, that lives in beautiful nature of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lady of the house is a full time mum, blogger, published book author and a social worker, father is an excellent carpenter, a great handyman, girl of the house is the happiness of the home We practice natural parenting and minimalist lifestyle. It was founded in and now consists of about people including 26 developmentally disabled persons.

    The main topics in this village community is social ecology i. We are a small group of people settling in the very east of Brandenburg close to the polish border in the beautiful Oderbruch region. We have 2ha of space and two houses on it that needs renovation. We plan on doing permaculture in order to provide us with local fresh veggies, at the same time we strive to not destroy and protect the last bits of nature around us if possible - so to live peacefully with other creatures around us. We are a community of diverse individuals organized in plenty of projects, intitiatives and businesses located close to Schwerin in northern Germany.

    In Medewege agriculture meets craft, arts, culture and education. Our whole project began in with the foundation of a Waldorf Kindergarten on an abandoned estate surrounded by agricultural areas. Gradually, we then started with farming and food processing, from milk to yoghurt, from grain to bread, from apple to juice.

    The village are very interesting according to sewage systems and ecological farming. The contact person is an organic farmer. The village has a long history and has transformed into an ecovillage. We live in Hurdalecovillage - 80km north of Oslo, and own a property that will have room for houses, growing all sorts of vegetable and herbs, having animals, courses etc. More info in Norwegian: It is not easy in a few words to paint a complex situation that could be contained in a single adjective 'Harmony'.

    To be carried away by a magical aura, an escape from the city. A small oasis located in the Tuscan countryside one of the most beautiful places in Italy to be used as open-air laboratory. To 'build' this we need special people, with an open mind without excess.. Situated in Italy in the appennini closed to Bologna is one of the oldest and most famous comunity in italy. It has peoles living there and had at least babies borned there since Self sufficiency, restauration of old building, art, agriculture,alternative medicine and common living are the main activities.

    The comunity is based on little rules leaving freedom of expression and spontaneus sharing as main values. We grow our own foods, we use renewable power and a whole lot of other features. Would you like to get rid of your mortgage, sell up, move to a sunnier climate and participate in a joint business venuture? La finca ofrece un entorno privilegiado para artistas, escritores, pintores, artesanos o personas que trabajen por Internet o que quieran descansar y gozar de tranquilidad y sosiego.

    Es decir gente que realmente quieran un mundo diferente y sean consecuentes. We want to create a place where one can be human again. A place where you can use your mind and body again to create, shape, build, invent, live. A place full of music, art and life and a living ecological agriculture with self-sufficient claim. We are neither hippies, nor are we stuck in the Middle Ages - though these two ways of living are welcome.

    Even politically, diversity is more welcome than an unconstructive monotony. Hasta que no tengais un texto esta entrada se queda en borrador. The project is the kalamos Island biological field station and eco-community which is located in Kalamos Island in the inner Ionian archipelago of Western Greece.

    The island is in the core of the second largest marine protected area in the country and one of the largest in the mediterranean. The project was initiated by terra sylvestris a non-govermental not for profit organization based on kalamos island. The Network derives its inspiration from a trio of eco-villages: Our mission is primarily educational.

    We bring the practical tools and conceptual values of these ecovillages to a community building environment where our visitors and guests can put these into practice. A small ecovillage, Has had IAL-camps and workingcamps. Kasteel Nieuwenhoven is a new and evolving project located on an a 20 Hectare estate consisting of historic buildings Castle and Farm surrounded by woodlands, farmland and lakes. In this magical setting a small group of people are experimenting with and discovering ways of living together in harmony with nature and themselves.

    Living off the land — Permaculture, Forestry and other Ecological ways to self-sufficiency are an important part of the communities activities. Sustainable community in Kaszon and neighbourhood, a traditional region in Transylvania. Our fundamental objectives are, to lead a healthy lifestyle, to respect nature and to preserve traditional knowledge and the cohesion of the community.

    To develop a sustainable area with the help of a cohesive community. It is envisioned to become a small forest garden village using local material in construction. There is not any common doctrine, but we are interested in low cost life style and creative revival of traditions. The premises were leased to the community in and ultimately we purchased them in We are located 14 km from Tartu, which is the second biggest city in Estonia. There is a big river going thru, here is a lot of free forest and land. Great great place spiritually and strategically! The first reason for it is that I was born and raised in Napoli, Italy, where pizza was invented.

    Keuruu Ecovillage is an international community located in the heart of Finland. It was founded by the group of eco-spirited people in On the larger scale we have approximately supporting members who live outside but regurlarly visit us and receive our newsletter. Both us and supporting members are connected by the will to live in harmony with the nature and themselves.

    Kibbutz Gezer is a kibbutz, or cooperative settlement, located in Central Israel. Originally founded in , the kibbutz disbanded in and reestablished by a group of young Americans in Gezer like many kibbutzim has changed and continues to change to fit the needs of the members and to adapt to surroundings and changes in Israeli society. Kibbutz Lotan is located in the far South of Israel, 55 kmorth of Eilat.

    The community is multi-generational with students and volunteers from Israel and abroad coming for educational programmes. We are a cooperative settlement, jointly owning the land, community buildings and means of production. Hello, We are a small sustainable 5 persons eco-community of kin's domains kin's homesteads in Eastern Bulgaria, in the mountains near the Black Sea, inspired by the books Ringing cedars of Russia.

    We started our project in and we are still looking for new members who will like to buy their hectare in proximity - men or couples - and to start a new life. We receive also volunteers in summer. The conditions are spartan, like in a scout camp in the forest. The purpose of life in Kitzeh is the care and nurture placed on the lives of children. Russia officially has around , 'social orphans'.

    The community helps children without families adapt to life and to overcome their trauma and pain. It does so by providing a therapeutic environment in which the children are taught to listen to themselves and share encouraged to explore. Through the reflective awareness of the reality of everday activity, the adults too have a chance to develop further.

    La Medicina Ayurveda en Occidente por La Dra. Prachiti Kinikar Patwardhan - 1ª Parte de 3

    Founded over 21 years ago, in December , and situated in a complex of half-timbered farm buildings in the centre of the village of Niederkaufungen, just outside Kassel, we are Germany's largest non-religious, non-spiritual commune. Korogonas plateau, Lakonia, Peloponnese, Greece Neighbouring villages: Demonia, Arhcangelos, Papadianikia, Plytra Towns in the vicinity: Our community was started , and peolpe living here. Establishing ecovillage of people coming back to nature Neighbourhood shall be as important as the autonomy of the people. In the village there is place for at least people, a village without mayor and church.

    Neither spiritual nor politic conventions are given here, everyone is welcome. We want to show that it's possible for everyone to live ecological and sustainable without a big effort. Somos La Casa dels Llacs, una comunidad basada en la sostenibilidad y el crecimiento personal y espiritual situada en Breda, un pueblecito del Montseny que queda a medio camino entre Barcelona y Girona. The commune of Bagnaia was founded in Its aim is to share human and economic resources and to experience group living based on the principles of reciprocal respect and comprehension,collaboration, equality.

    All property is communally owned. All decisions are taken by consensus. Each member chooses hisher own job,which can be within the commune , in agriculture or in crafts, or outside,according to individual choices and competencies. We are based in Italy, in beautiful Marche region, close to both mountains and sea.

    We are probably the first example of such a project in our country. We are committed to create jobs, based on producing organic food and preserves. We also promote an eco-friendly living style. We are looking for an experienced builder for our cohousing communal kichen and dinning room, preferably with experience in irregular rocks, mud plaster, reciprocal roof and green roof.

    We can offer a tiny house, food, water and light. Please contact us through https: Blessings and thank yous! Hay indicios suficientes que prueban la existencia de una selva europea, del estilo de las tropicales. Ignoring the trash and decay, we only saw the potential of this beautiful place. We left our houses, jobs, friends and family and moved to Saarland, only to be warmly welcomed by all of you.

    But why do five guys from the city move to the rural countryside of Saarland? Hola a todos y a todas. The Lebensgarten Steyerberg e. Founded in , the community has since grown to include 62 terrace houses, a seminar house also known as the healing house and the main building where the big hall is located. Most of those that come to live here are searching for communal living and are open to embracing care and tolerance.

    Wir sind begeistert unseren Traum vom gemeinschaftlichen Leben auf dem Land in naher Zukunft umzusetzen. Es versteht sich als kleines Netzwerk von Freunden, Projekten und Wohngemeinschaften, die hier eine gemeinsame Basis haben. Mittlerweile haben sich ca. Since we work on building up a small community of eight people. Together we want to develop our project and find the ideal way for us to live and work together on our historically protected farm. Currently we are planning to offer social agriculture, multigenerational houses, permaculture and projects with kids, disadvantaged people or refugees.

    Find out more on www. Damit werden wir freier. Sowohl im Umgang mit uns selbst, als auch im Umgang miteinanderund mit unserer Lebenszeit.

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    Diese Freiheit verwenden wir, um soziale Kompetenz zu pflegen und zu kultivieren. Alcatraz is a hotel, and a restaurant. But Alcatraz is a utopia in progress also. Since the universe did not totally satisfy us, we decided to improve the quality of spaghetti and to come and live here, where we formed an alliance with the centuries-old woods of this valley.

    We will defend the trees from woodcutters in order to see them turning green each spring. Alcatraz is an association of people fond of good eating and good manners who are connected with ARCI. We are a family-group of five, living within the Valea-Babii ecovillage, located in an amazingly beautyful landscape in the mountains near hunedoara, romania. We are working on the transformation of this land wich we are keeping, to create a space of living, abundance and pleasure. One very important aspect is to give our children the oppurtunity to grow up in a natural and free way.

    It is an awesome place for that. The deblockedion will be added soon Lively Village is a socio-ecological project in which farming activities are practised by seeking to adapt to the natural environment and enrich its biological diversity, instead of a millenia-old practise of rude human intervention into the natural processes.

    Currently our natural farm is developing and growing in these directions: Livonsaari community is an ecovillage under construction located in the south-west Finland, about 35 kilometers from the city of Turku. Currently about 20 adults and ten children live in the community, and in addition there are some active members of the community who plan to move to Livonsaari in the near future. The land we live on is about 60 hectares large, some of it being fields and some rocky woods. Livonsaari is an island, so naturally we have access to the sea.

    We would like to introduce ourselves! We are Youssef, 27 yrs and Andrea, 29 Yrs old. We from Italy and we are two simple and positive people, we love being with other people. We would like to contribute to improve this beautiful planet of ours. We talk about our passions like biking and personal and spiritual growth, like PNL, meditations, Astrology and others awsome threads. Los Portales is an intentional community that practices innovative ways of life in different areas including organic agriculture, holistic education, deep psychology, empowering and power sharing systems of governance, conflict resolution, natural medicines, art, clean energies, an economy based on sharing, and above all, the empowerment of each individual, continually advancing towards greater sustainability and self-sufficiency.

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    Lovinka is yoga, mediation and permaculture center in the southern part of Slovakia. Lovinka was established in and is being known in Slovakia due to its yoga, meditation, healthy living, self-development workshops. We are Stanislav and Diana, a family with two kids ages 3 and 5 and we are hoping to finding like-minded people to join us in co-creating a community of environmentally conscious people who walk gently on Earth and take ownership of our lives, health, education and the planet's well-being, who have fun together, who share food, work, learning, resources and life's bounties to the level each one feels appropriate.

    Our project is still in its initiatory stage! So this is not an established eco-village yet. We are working on getting funding next year Eu-grants, Crowdfunding campaign. We are still in need of a solid core team and many many supporters! So if you feel you should, don't hesitate to shoot a mail. Martinica is a social network involving individuals and groups engaged in activities related to alternative cultureIt arises from the need to care for and safeguard the common good as the creative processes freely generated and the spaces that distribute them under the same conditions.

    At Matva Sei we invite you to reconnect - to yourself, nature, animals and humanity alike. Our large property offers a soothing space to retreat, engage in community life, enjoy a workshop or healing session, learn about permaculture, nutrition, and natural medicines, and practice yoga, meditation or dance in our fully equipped yogashala! A visit to us also combines well with a visit to Damanhur Federation of Communities, within which we are located. We are an ecovillage located just outside the coastal town of Rafina, in Attica, Greece on a plot of stremma, with more than resident families.

    We are a fully fledged non-profit NGO for sustainable development and ecological sensitivity, governed by a combination of direct participatory democracy and representative democracy. Meltemi was established in , in the midst of the Greek civil war, as a back-to-nature, getaway from the city by a group of Petroleum Company employees. Our community is a haven for spiritual seekers, health enthusiasts, artists, adventurers, and anyone who wants to explore the healthy way of living needed for a new paradigm.

    Every day is different at Merkaba. We are always growing, always having fun, and our focus is always on sustainability, great health and spiritual development. Methernitha is first a spiritual community in which approximately one hundred people of different nationalities and cultures live and work. The jointly procured resources are for the upkeep of the community and the livelihood of its members. Our community has many differents eco-aspects, for example. Be welcome at the Moonshine house!

    A Spiritual Garden, located in a land of abundance where we wish to live of natural agriculture and esoteric experiences.

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    A Tribal Community where child can be Masters and adults child! Queremos repoblar los 3. Quieres construir una comunidad donde ahora no hay nada Nackunga Community is an intentional community for families and adults living and working together, developing the community and creating outwardgoing projects. We believe a sustainable lifestyle, promoting inner growth and outer change, works as an example and source of inspiration for others. We are a small, relaxed community in Slovenian Istria.

    We're about luxurious simplicity, permaculture, education, networking, music, dance etc. We live in tiny houses, caravans, tents and containers. In one of initiators, Nara Petrovic, moved to another project in Istria which was starting in that year. In this other project branched off from Sustainability park Istria and is now called Sunny Hill. Nea Guinea is an non-profit organisation NPO that was initiated in with the main objective of re-appropriating our everyday needs in terms of food, health, energy, shelter and clothing. Since then, the organisation has been operating a number of projects developing different alternative practices and techniques and has been promoting these as tools for increasing self-sufficiency and resilience of people and communities in Greece.

    For now I only have a dream and an idea, how it gonna look like. I will try to update the information about the project daily. People that gained experience in the "real life" and got themselves a profession every single one of you is welcome! From theater graduate to doctor through gardener and now want to have a better life with more meaning. We are a spiritual community and located on the territory of ex-pioneer camp in the protected forest and on the bank of the river Oryl, which is one of the cleanest rivers in Ukraine.

    The nearest village is 4 km and only km to the International Airport of the Dnipro. Educational CenterFor 12 years we have been conducting yoga-retreats and meditation with spiritual leaders of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. We are known like charity project for the protection of cows "Bhumy", - the largest outside of India. Since we have saved more than cows, calves and bulls.

    We have a traditional and at the same time unique for our time non-violent approach to the maintenance of cows. For the last 5 years, the world's only program to transfer cows to families who accept non-violent rules of care has been working for free. ENERO Estoy interesada en encontrar a gente enamorada de Mongolia, de sus paisajes, de sus gentes, de sus animales. Leben und Arbeiten verbinden. That was an attamption to create an alternative way of life right before the world crisis. It is located near historical town of Baturyn, between big forest and the Seym river.

    Obyrok is the place for many art-festivals: Bread, Kinosaray, Mama-Afrika and smaller ones. In nowadays Obyrok learns how to create a sustainable community. In summer our community bought an empty sanatorium, which was idle for many years, with a large park garden and several buildings. Presently we are reconstructing the main building transforming the many guest rooms into living spaces for singles, couples, families and groups.

    We have a number of community rooms and also special rooms for our children and youths. We are open for people of different spiritual, religious or cultural background. Please note that during our building phase, whilst we are extremely grateful for volunteers who help us for between two to eight weeks, we are unable to accept casual visitors because we get behind with our building work. We are developing recycling! A finales de compre una finca de menos de una hectarea en la provincia de alicante, cerca de un rio, con una casita y un pozo con abundante agua.

    Desde entonces he plantado arboles, cultivado hortalizas, y mejorado la casa siguiendo el modelo de la permacultura y la agricultura natural. Pero aun esta casi todo por hacer. Tiene pozo propio, un arroyo que la rodea y una casa de campo. We have started setting up the permaculture garden within the ecovillage in Since then, it is constantly growing and changing. This year, we have build a pond, a small greenhouse for seedlings, a solar dryer, an outdoor kitchen, and have our first animals, namely ducks who are busy eating the snales and chickens.

    And, of course, from the start we have supplied the community as well as the seminar business with many, many fresh vegetables. Dedicada a hacer talleres y proyectos de permacultura! Con agua de pozo con estanque de agua con depuradora. Tiene ya gallinero coral. Year after year, some parishes freguesias in Portugal are losing their inhabitants, because young people prefer to seek and find work in big cities. During a trip to Portugal, the manager of a restaurant told me that the owners prefer to rent their house rather than leaving it empty and abandoned.

    My concept of "Permavillage": Gemeinschaft in der buckligen Welt. Possibilica is a nomadic team of culture-shift agents specializing in delivering authentic adulthood and archetypal initiatory processes for the shift to next culture. We envision next culture as 'archearchy', the culture of archetypally initiated adult women creatively collaborating with archetypally initiated adult men.

    Archearchy naturally emerges after matriarchy and patriarchy have run their course. The project itself is in it's infant stage but the vision is clear: A community which would be built on healthy relationships and on balance between personal freedom and mutual activities both psychological and physical. The project is located in the the north-east of Italy, on the Alps. We have a garden about 1 acre , a big greenhouse and some hens. We plan to upgrade our structures year by year in order to become independent in food and energy needs.

    Communities that grow their own food and medicines, bake their own bread, brew their own beer or press their own wine or cider. Im ersten Jahr haben wir uns monatlich zu einer Runde Gemeinschaftsbildung nach Scott Peck getroffen, zusammen mit anderen Menschen die ab und zu dazukamen.

    We plan to form a totally self-sufficient community and ecological and we want a population around ten people. We are from Spain. Somos muchxs que nos damos cuenta que tenemos que cambiar de vida.. Cuantxs de nosotrxs estamos preparados para ello?. Todo ello bajo nuestro lema principal: The vision of 'Puls der Erde' is the creation of a blossoming and vibrant planet. Our contribution to this is therefore the community we have established in a converted barn near Lenzwald and the additional 30 hectares of land. Here we hold livestock, a research and training academy for regenerative and sustainable agriculture, a wide-raning seminar series and host a small but engaged core community associated with an ever-growing wider community.

    Q is a retreat space surrounded by nature, where to experience a simple and conscious life, with low environmental impact. A lifestyle that integrates the ecological culture, the degrowth culture, and the ascetic culture, being an example of its symbiosis. Our lifestyle integrates 3 key dimensions of human life: Economy, Ethics and Spirituality.

    We experiment in these spheres with the following purposes: Raduga ecovillage is located in Oleshkivsky Tsyurupynsky district of Khersonska region. It was founded by Oleksii Ursulenko. The village covers an area of 10 hectares occupied by 7 straw and clay residential houses and 10 buildings of other purposes. Members of the Ursulenko family are its only full-time residents at the moment.

    The village settlers are focused on promoting healthy diet and sustainable lifestyle through educational festivals and healing practices. Through re-greening our lives we hope to find solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues. In sum, re-inventing life! The house is a large old mansion with 17 acres of gardens, woodland and pasture surrounded by farmland. Our legal structure is that of a Fully Mutual Housing Co-operative, where members are effectively both Landlord and Tenant. The legal structure merely forms the bare bones of a culture of collective living that has developed since We live as a single household which means that we spend a lot of time together.

    A principal project was on study near Toulouse in France in "Jonathan ecovillages". We are six families living and working together in different fields, e. We live an open minded spirituality. Furthermore, we have a place for workshops, retreats and social or cultural gatherings and events. Separate owned houses with commons for small agriculture. Some families runs their own businesses, but most families commutes to workplaces in Gothenburg. Sagol Eco Spiritual Village And Sound Healing Retreat Center for transformation and healingGorgeous sunsets, an ecologic pool for healing with crystal bowls awareness and sound healing workshops, an organic vegetable garden, a hospitality for groupsand mud huts.

    Kfar Sagol is an ecological center for hosting awareness workshops, special events in nature, holistic healing and ceremonies. We are working on the creation of an eco-village in central Netherlands. We aim to live with about 10 households on 13 ha, in self build eco-houses and to create a community building and forest garden.

    We love to create a ecological, sustainable way of living, which will be able for many of us. So to create an ecovillage with strong connection with "normal" nowadays society to be able to create a change. At the moment we are dealing with buying the land and are working on regulations. We are a community of young, active individuals who strive to build a sustainable lifestyle, where a modern human being can live and work of full value.

    Our vision is to be "a place for meetings and awarness" The community has grown up to 34 adults and 16 children and we still want to grow. The owner of the castle are the share-holders in a joint-stock company, the seminar-center is lead by a Ltd. The community is organized in an association. Wir sind sowohl Familien als auch Alleinstehende. Schweibenalp is a community, whose members by mindfully dealing with oneself and others make an active contribution to the strengthening of the field of consciousness of love, in which every human being can unfold its true potential.

    The community at Schweibenalp explores and lives sustainable ways of living together and acting in the areas of community, spirituality, economy and ecology as possible models for a new world. Sunflower Cohousing currently has four members, and we are looking for others to join us in an environmentally conscious cohousing project. The small community will when completed consist of 26 homes built using environmentally friendly permacultural techniques, the residents supplied by a small farm and vegetable garden.

    We are individuals whose focus and commitment is to live in Harmony with Mother Nature and our own essential nature, as responsible and authentic co-creators, unique in our individuality while part of this global symphony that is the Universe. We would love to see again our planet restored and flourishing and humanity awakening to a way of living and feeling in integrity and awareness, more loving and compassionate. Its core activity will be organic farming, but much more can be done.

    Its ideological roots can be found in the anarchist and libertarian movement, together with the gandhian nonviolence. So, it will be a "place" to experiment daily and promote liberty, equality and brotherhood.

    The name "Sevagram" is a tribute to Gandhi's ashram. Everything here is simple and nature is always a close friend. Our goal is to encourage everyone to open up to their potential and to start working together to create a new society. You can come here to do longer or shorter private retreats or participate in our program of gatherings and courses. Shanti — world, peace, harmony Our little village is a large, free and beautiful world where people live in harmony with nature, outer and inner world, themselves and all others. We will try to create an atmosphere of freedom, creativity, simplicity and peace in this place.

    For the moment we are looking for a land in France or in Spain. Sieben Linden Ecovillage aims to establish a socially and environmentally progressive model settlement — both as a village and a community. The ecovillage aims to enable its inhabitants to live through self-governance and as self-sufficiently as possible. We finance our lives individually but share some costs including food and utilities. SissiCrib is a co-housing community in Budapest. The process of becoming a co-housing community started in with 2 members, today the community has 6 members.

    Honest communication and personal development are the common intentions, which the members aspire to. Besides, democratic decision making is another essential aspect. Skala Ecovillage is an attempt to form and accomplish an ecological friendly and collective way of living. Currently, four adults and three children live permanently at Skala Ecovillage.

    Last year it has been created a core group of people, which is working intensively on the implementation of the vision. At the same time, a wide network of friends and collectives, both in Greece and abroad, supports us in several ways. We are exploring how the music and arts trades can embrace transition and help to build community resilience, how the practical and creative endeavours of musicians and other touring artists can help to grow healthful networks and systems dedicated to the regeneration of Life ecological, social, cultural, spiritual.

    Children, young people and adults to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Promote sustainability and ecological life. Cultural, educational and charitable events. The disadvantaged section of society to help for cultural and educational events. Adult education and continuing education of school children. To achieve development and expansion of cooperation with other similar associations in the Latvian Republic and abroad to achieve the objectives of the organization.

    Nous en Sommes 5 moyenne habitants. Nous Dormons Dans de Vielles caravanes. Le confort is Sommaire, l'espace grandiose Mais! Founded in by Sesselja H. We are 6 friends who decided to form a eco-community outside Athens at the town of Marathon. So far we have achieved many of the goals we had set. Which are the following: We have many kinds chickens,ducks,gooses. Strohplatz is a 3. It is situated in the small village Rorodt near Trier in Germany.

    The house can host up to 20 people, who can join courses in self-sufficiency, permaculture, food forests and non-violent communication. The whole project is created to be self sufficient, with a small food forest with lots of perennials. All of us who live here are building the place - not only physically but also socially. Sunny Hill Association is a space of cooperation, innovation, and supportive environment for research, education and active practice of sustainable development.

    The hamlet will be renovated in traditional Istrian style. In August , Green Deserts and Sunseed were lent a house in arid Southeast Spain, where a small joint project was started to look at practical ways of combating desertification. Svanholm is an old estate situated near Skibby north of Roskilde on Zealand.

    It is home for 65 grownups and 35 children and a lot of guests from around the world. Some have lived here from , but every year between 5 and 10 persons move out and others move in. We live in the buildings in the mansion and in houses in the villages around. We have ecological farming with grain, vegetables, fruit and cows. Our aim is to empower migrants and other Syrians to take control of their own lives, integrate into Swedish society, and do so in an inexpensive and ecologically sustainable way.

    We also find different ways to job possibilities for our residents in our Ecovillage.

    Alimentacion Ayurveda PDF Download - LouisaRaimonda

    Tamera is a peace project in Southern Portugal, a cooperative of future workers, who aim to build a so called "Healing Biotope" for a couple of hundred people - a community between humans, animals and plants whose relationships are based upon trust and mutual support. In a Healing Biotope new answers in the existential areas of life shall be researched: A second group plans to move here in Fall Somewhat renovated buildings will serve as temporary quarters until sustainable structures are erected.

    Viktig for oss er: La permacultura es la base. Estem intentant crear la "societat del futur", en un "Living Lab" situat al Poble d'Ullastrell, provincia de Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain. Eco Bio Tic, Smart City. Take part of something amazing.

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    We combine proven methods of the fields ofnatural building with holistic design geodesic domes, rammed earth, earth houses, and tree houses All year around are programs offered like: We are people of next door, who are tired of the urban environment and the stressful city life. We are a group of young people who, withstanding no more the misery of unemployment, we constantly looking for new ways to express our creativity and change our lifestyle. We are looking for alternative ways of living, with low ecological footprint and more contact with the nature. A lifestyle that will allow us to truly understand who we are.

    As of , we are 10 adults and 8 children. We are also a centre for training in Practical Sustainability, The land is owned by An Baile Dulra Teoranta, a non-profitmaking company with charitable status for the educational work it promotes. It aims to create working examples of what a sustainable society might look like in the areas of housing, energy, gardening, economics and community development.

    We are currently gathering a seed group to begin forming a community in the Borders area of Scotland. This community will embody the spiritual traditions of the Scottish people and be guided by the laws of love as shown on our website. It will have a spiritual publishing house and workshop center, an alternative healing and birthing center, art and music centers, a sanctuary, community center, alternative school, and guest housing, all centered around a nemeton.

    We want to revive with your support to prevent the migration from country to town. We want to work against the loneliness of the older generation, and create new jobs by ecological cultivation in our village. We offer you the best food, offer differents activity and the best environment on our Lake. The healty Sulfur baths and the Middle See, with Lycian history.

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